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Parkhill Cellars

45 Errol St

North Melbourne 3051

Melbourne, Australia.

Phone: (03) 9328 1132

Fax: (03) 9328 5894

Email: sales@parkhillcellars.com

Victorian Liquor License: #3205 2037

Parkhill Cellars is an intimate store in North Melbourne, an inner Melbourne suburb. Staffed by people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, we aim to provide service of the highest standard. We have a commitment to quality in our customer service and products. Our staff are able to assist with any of your queries, from what wine to have with that Thai curry, to how long could I cellar a Coonawarra Cabernet. All of our current release wines are selected based on the quality and value that they represent. We hold weekly tastings every Friday from 4pm-7pm with a wine representative to talk you through the particular wines.

Parkhill Cellars Proprietor

Cory Parkhill Email: cory@parkhillcellars.com



Aidan Burger Email: aidan@parkhillcellars.com


Assistant Manager

Ashlee Solimo



Email: sales@parkhillcellars.com